Friday, 23 October 2009

Painting the Dawgs

Can't believe - just spent 20 minutes writing a long overdue blog, uploaded photos... and the computer crashed, so have to start again. It will teach me to save my post as I go, here we go again then.....

I have just finished two watercolour / ink sketches of my dogs, I have been really inspired by Sueellen Ross, and American artist who used to be a printer and she combines black black indian ink with watercolours and colour pencils. Her technique gives you darkest darks and light transluscency. Very nice, if a bit time consuming, it takes forever to make your initial layout sketch detailing lights and dark areas, and some may say it is a bit like "painting by numbers" - but at least you are creating the numbers right ? OK So hope you like them...
Just going to make the supper, Friday night means it must be curry.

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