Friday, 5 February 2010

Valentine and Birthday Angels

Oooh had such fun with these little things!! I wanted to make something to pop in the post to a friend for her Birthday, but really you could send them any time to cheer them up depending on the face you created. The faces are made from wooden half duck egg forms you find in scrap book store. I was stumped for a mount until I came across a stash of wooden hearts I bought years ago and had forgotten about.
Painting the faces was great fun and I think next time I will make them a bit more devilish....
Anyway, using PVA glue I stuck tiny pieces of treasured fabric to the hearts and embroidery thread made the hair. It is easier if you make a hair wig first - wind thread around a piece of cardboard cut to the desired length, you only need about three of four circuits, back stitch along the centre, this will make the centre parting.
I had read somewhere about using scouring pads for hair, I tried that but it was a disaster, I only succeeded in stabbing myself with the wire! Embroidery thread was much more controllable, and achieves that hair straightened effect that people seem to like.
So, my lovelies, one has already been dispatched, the others are waiting in the wings, pardon the pun... for next week.

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