Sunday, 9 May 2010

Couch and armchair reupholstered, things to make you smile

First of all - a big THANK YOU to him upstairs for making the new custom banner for my blog, and for giving me a quick photo tutorial with the digital SLR camera to give my blog a boost. These are my first photos, hope you like them.
I was so very pleased to find this little gem sitting at the Kringloop in Alphen the other day. It is like two wing back armchairs stuck together, it weighs a tonne, and I nearly had a fit pulling it out of the garage into the garden for this shot.
I originally thought to reupholster it, but the white cotton velvet is in good condition and .....
it is very comfy as you can see... so I expect a few cushions and a throw will have to suffice !

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