Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tartan and Cord re_upholstered armchair

This armchair was a kind donation by my neighbour so I could practice my upholstery skills. Before this it was green and stripey, the fabric was worn but the foam and springs inside were good, so....

Just to show that I can do it ! I have to say I really enjoyed the project and the fact I had to use offcuts because I didn't have enough in one fabric proved a blessing. I have just noticed, behind the armchair you can see latest Kringloop finds, I am sure they will come in useful.... somewhere.Here's a shot to show you all how comfy it is too ! Can't get him out of the chair now !


  1. Beautiful. My compliments

  2. Hi Bea. Just catching up with posts. oops. this lovely chair stood in the garage while we waited to move.. and the sun has bleached the left arm white ! So I have to do it again ! oh no!