Tuesday, 15 June 2010

"Cute" Wool Felt Coot Toy Mascot

Yes ! Coots can be cute! If you live near a canal or lake or pond you can't help noticing these little characters - Coots - the bad guys on the water who are so grumpy, with themselves, with each other, with their fluffy babes, with ducks that are much much bigger than them, you name it. But I have a soft spot for these little guys, who are so feisty even though they can't really fly (away from trouble) but make a pitter patter noise with their bright green flappy feet instead on the water. They have the most beautiful red / orange eyes and soft black feathers.
 I have wanted to make a mascott Coot for ages, and I used the cuddly Duck pattern from Sew Magazine in January 2010 and used black wool felt and luminous green felt instead of red stripey ticking. He has a weighted bottom so he sits right.
Ta Da ! Here he is....

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  1. I know this is an older creation, but still wanted to tell you how cool it is. I too live by a canal with coots living in it and their shenanigans always put a smile on my face.