Friday, 4 June 2010

Travels to Copenhagen, Denmark

Oh dear ! I was doing so well getting into the swing of things with my blog, and then we had to go travelling for a while to "wonderful wonderful Copenhagen" - and it really is.
Summer is just arriving here, the last week blossom has just come out and the city has greened up. Copenhagen is a walking or even better cycling city - so nice to leave the car behind.

Last Sunday we went to the fantastic Copenhagen National Museum of Art . It was dark and raining all day, but inside the free museum was all abuzz. You can get up close to paintings, take photos and they have workshops for children. The curators ( is that the best name for them?) were so helpful and we stayed much longer than we expected.
We've got the dogs with us on this trip - and as well as city trips we have to go the beach each day, just so Frank can enjoy a swim! I love this photo of Amager Strand with the gasometers in the background, the old industry is changing and the people are reclaiming the coast - all very nice.

Finally Have just discovered the local flea markets around Copenhagen, so keep an eye out for what I find in my next post.

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