Monday, 23 August 2010

Sketches in Copenhagen

Well, sorry for the long break from the blog, we moved house this summer from the Netherlands to Sweden, via Copenhagen in Denmark for two months. Finally have unpacked most things and have the internet back after a break of nearly 5 weeks ! Really missed being able to keep in touch easily and being able to Skype my Mum and Dad. Anyway, I did manage to do a few sketches, and they brought a smile to my face.
The first pair of sketches are called Danish Runners - and they are a homage to the active role that fathers seem to play in Copenhagen looking after their children. I noticed when I was walking in the park every Friday afternoon a lot of men would jog by, with baby buggy in hand, or should I say out front with Dad pushing behind .... big chunky buggies with big wheels for the ruts.

Then after a while I noticed that the Dads were running at quite a pace across rough ground and not slowing in their training ! So.. I penned the other sketch of my imagined front view from the child's point of view. I am not suggesting any ill treatment here, and the children probably enjoyed their bumpy roller coaster ride ! Has anybody else noticed this phenomena ?



  1. Funny sketches! It is adorable that the fathers like to run with their little ones!

  2. Thanks, it is a funny sight to see, not just one but many many many. More power to their elbow I think.