Sunday, 23 January 2011

Belated New Years Resolution - will do better !

I always feel that I am as my mother always used to say "where the cows tail is" when it comes to getting things done on time, and so this New Year resolution thing is well to be honest, a bit after time. 
But, here goes - I was really inspired by the graphic on January Jones Prints on Etsy based on Henry David Thoreau's quote, and it jolted me at the end of last year not to get stuck in a rut now we are nicely unpacked and settled here in Sweden for a while. 
I wanted to take the quote and drop it into a sort of Dorothy and yellow brick road view of me this year. (Lots of tea and chocolate biscuits required to get this one done!). 
I am going to start Swedish lessons in February and  try to use it afterwards.
I am going to put in a submission to try to get into Ostra Grevie Public University this May - to do textiles. So, heads down and watch this space. 

The little guys in the hall will cheer me on when I flag, Let's keep our fingers crossed for this year.



  1. I am just so loving these little guys!

  2. Thanks, me too, I am just a little bit addicted to them too!

  3. Swedish lessons! Wow! These little critters are so cute! ~Val