Friday, 4 March 2011

2010 Rewards to Dogs Trust

A few words about Dogs Trust, a wonderful charity that re-homes dogs and looks after those that are hard to re-home for one reason or another. I always make a donation each year and 10% of Crazyhound sales go to Dogs Trust at the end of each year. 
This year I have decided to use Crazyhoud proceeds to sponsor a Dogs Trust dog - and here she is.... Sharon who lives at the Shoreham branch of Dogs Trust. Sharon has lived with the trust since 1998 and she had a bad start in life. Sharon is just too nervous of people to be re-homed and is one of three long term residents. She gets to play on the beach and in the sea and  those who bought from Crazyhound last year have helped Sharon to keep on having a nice time. Thank you.    


  1. What a wonderful charity! Sharon looks so sweet!!! ~Val

  2. Hi Val - Isn't it great. The home is right by the beach, bet they have a blast on the beach !