Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Antique Hunting in Brösarp

I had heard tell about the Brösarp Antique weekend months ago, when the snow was deep and the wind was strong. Brösarp, a small village in the east of Skåne. It plays host to an antique fair once a year just as winter gives way to spring. It is a fair where you see real antiques at good prices, set up in room sets and it attracts a crowd and local crafters..

And  so it was last Friday that we headed out, a blissful drive where rolling hills gave way to bigger ones (and the road looked like it might be fun to take a motorbike ride on in the summer!). After an hour or so we arrived along with many others who had also heard the word too and we all crammed into the one and only Inn to enjoy a hearty lunch that included a “hamburger” made with local wild boar. There was really a holiday atmosphere about the place, every seat taken in the house.

Eventually we had to peel ourselves out of our chairs and go foraging. First we found a cottage transformed into an upholstery and fine art renovation studio for the weekend. Next a house full of weavers, and chocolate cakes and coffee, and finally two large warehouses  transformed into inviting "rooms" of collectables. 

Or if you prefer your rooms RED ...

And you know I'm a sucker for anything animal inspired.....
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