Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dog Portraits and Thierry Poncelet

I have always had a thing about dogs being superimposed onto human forms and have played a bit with it myself. Here is my Great Grandfather...

And here is William Robert's body with the head of Graham, my old, mad, bad and fun to know dog from Bucharest. William Robert was known as having a manically strong grip when he arrested people in the opium dens of East London, and Graham, well Graham was a crazily energetic small grey dog with a whippy curly tail that barked at all and sundry - so they were a good match maybe..... 

I was quite pleased with this, and then I found the pictures of Thierry Poncelet and his fantastic dog paintings, I just love these, and now, whenever I go to a museum or antique shop and see an old painting I can't help but think of which dog bread would suit the person's character most. Addictive really. If you are near Wavre in Belgium now you can get to see TP's paintings for real - follow the link above.  

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  1. How fun! It is really neat how dog breeds can match people's personalities! ~Val