Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Back from Vacation - looking back

When I left here at the beginning of June 6 weeks seemed like forever ( do you remember that is how the school holidays used to feel?). Well, it just slipped by, lots of fun and interesting things done. Will we ever get sick of the place I wonder? I don't think so...
 Collage of 6 weeks away.
The one felted dog I managed to make before the distractions started.. (looks a bit like scoobie doo maybe !)
The post card of the Charente - baking hot days, hitting 35 degrees, parched and baked fields and we wanted it to rain ( were we mad?)
And joy of joys - Glen Baxter cartoons in French on the theme of Charentaise gastronomy . We came across the exhibition at the Cognac Blues Passion festival in July, when Blues and all things musical take over the city.
Last night in town - a wonderful cello concert in the Romanesc village church followed by pagan lighted torch dancing. All very nice and not health and safety at all - great
And I painted the horrible mdf floor in the attic after 3 years of looking at the dusty brown mass. It looks vaguely habitable now...  and I think Frank likes it too.
Back home now, just 4 weeks, sitting in the garden drinking a glass of wine after a hard days sight seeing seems a lifetime ago...

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