Thursday, 22 September 2011

Autumn Arts & Crafts

After the languid slowness of August when many are away and the bright ( or at least bright-ish) blue skies, fine sand and gentle sea make me more than just a bit lazy. Grand plans to explore Sweden outside Skane recede to be replaced by trips to the Tirups Herb Garden to buy some wonderful Eau de Cologne mint ( before it is too late to plant) and produce and enjoy a coffee and cake on the way, pausing briefly to admire the garden sculptures and make a mental note to do the concrete sculpture class there one day....

 Autumn is in the wings, and with it the arrival of craft and art events here and further afield. This weekend Malmo City will host both a Handmade Craft Market and late night gallery night. On this weekend, the old centre of the city will not close down at 3 or 4 O'clock as is the norm in these parts, but instead galleries and some museums will throw open their doors. I tried to get to the event last year, but howling gales and rain kept me away. Fingers crossed for this weekend.  

On the home front, Maggie the cocker is settling in well, growing in confidence every day, so much so that she runs up and down wooden planks in the "agility dog park" and allows us to photograph her wearing her beads.. 

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  1. Maggie is a perfect model! The beads are adorable on her! Enjoy the change in seasons. I am looking forward to the changing leaves and enjoying hot tea in the evenings!