Monday, 26 September 2011

Little Black Dog

The Black dog......
I read a thoughtful book this summer - Mr Chartwell by Rebecca Hunt. If such a thing is possible, it gave a positive take on depression and manic depression and the relationship between the person and their "pet" called depression.  Put the serious angle away for a moment and if you get the chance to read it, and you own or have owned a dog... her descriptions of Mr Chartwell's mannerisms are wonderful, spot on. You can almost smell the dog as you read about him.. wonderful.
Anyway, that good book inspired me to finish this long planned Black Dog sort of door stop creature. I used boiled black felt, wool felt, large tin can, fibre padding and cat litter to finish the job. I used wool felt to cover over the stitching and it worked quite well. I am quite happy with the finished dude, but think there is more work to do on his neck next time around.

 He sits proudly in front of our newly stacked winter wood, and so I think he has to be called Edward.. Woodyard as he looks way to lighthearted to be called Mr Chartwell.

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  1. Edward is fantastic! I love his ears! The book sounds wonderful. It amazes me what pets can do for their owners. I can be having a terrible day and some how one of my cats will always manage to make me laugh! ~Val