Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Craft Market.. and the consequences

Last Sunday, as the weather forecasters were saying a hurricane was going to hit town in the afternoon I was packing the car with my sock creatures, felted dogs and leggy bookmarks to take my place at the Oresunquiltarna Christmas Market.

A bit nervous at first, (this is just my second market) I managed to set out the stall and in the end had a great day. Loads of friendly happy people stopped by and many of my little creatures went on their way to a new life...
but alas, alas, Mole was left behind. People picked him up, gave him a squeeze, said he was sweet in a sad kind of way, but put him back. Poor Mole, I think I'll have to make him a companion to keep him company on these cold winter nights... Sorry Mole. 


  1. Congratulations one a successful day! Your little creatures are so adorable that it does not surprise me! Poor Mole though. Hopefully he will be adopted at your next show.

  2. A friend wrote an ode to Mole, but she had trouble posting it, so emailed it instead. Here it is oh Mr Mole

    Ode to a lonely mole.

    Oh mole oh mole
    came up from your hole.
    Thought you'd lead the high life,
    looking down on lowlife.
    Now you're on the shelf
    brought it upon your self.
    If you had a wife perhaps
    you'd lead a better life, so chaps
    help him improve his chances,
    clean his paws, maybe get glasses.
    Insist that he sign that menacing clause:
    'I'll do all the household chores'.
    Then when she who rules gets out her needles, corduroy
    and measuring tape,
    keep paws and whiskers firmly crossed in hopes
    that you'll get a moley mate.