Monday, 23 January 2012

Barcelona - A Celebration Trip

We made a wonderful journey  last week, to celebrate Mr Crazyhound's significant birthday in Barcelona with friends.

wondering what the day will bring.....?

One of the surprise Birthday gifts, hard to believe that the framed work above was originally a rusty cheese grater. It was a bit of a job getting it into the suitcase to come home... 

But we couldn't just sit, we had to explore wonderful Barcelona..... there were all the Gaudi buildings of course.... we walked our feet off and still didn't get to see them all...

We visited La Boqueria Market near on Saturday morning. There are so many great markets in the city, but this gets the thumbs up. Fresh fish, veg', fruit, oh yes and mushrooms and an amazing array of fruit smoothies...  

lovely market stall signage..

Dogs... and of course I couldn't resist a snap of a pooch going on a shopping trip with his owner. There were loads of pooches in the city and I had my sketch book out desperately trying to capture their character before they moved on. As you can see, sometimes I wasn't really quick enough with the camera!  

The Harbour, a popular spot promenade as the sun goes down and to sit and eat Tapas.

"Tickets" - the Tapas restaurant owned by the el Bulli owners. You have to wait three months to get a reservation at this Tapas bar, such is their reputation. We made do with the Disney style hoarding outside. 
But we were able to celebrate in style at this atmospheric restaurant in a quiet side street just of the Gran Via at Boca Grande. Fresh fish, Paella (rice only!) and traditional Catalan deserts. We stayed there all afternoon. 

Handmade craft shops and craft supplies, there were many.. but this shop, Home on Earth really stuck out. A Danish owner living in Barcelona. She designs all manner of felted jewelry, slippers, rugs and clothes and has them made up in Nepal paying a fair wage. Her website isn't up yet, but she does have a facebook page. Do take a look if you have time, the mix of Scandi design and Nepalese craft in Barcelona is great.  

Home On Earth Shop at Carrer Hospital 76, in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. This street  is a real gem, leather shops, model making alongside fruit and veg and halal meat stores.  



  1. It was only significant because we have never been to Barcelona before ...... honest N

  2. Barcelona is top on my list of places to visit. The Gaudi architecture is so amazing! Your photos are wonderful!!!! My boyfriend's niece has been in college there and has fallen in love with a Barcelonian so we hoping for a wedding in Barcelona. A great reason to holiday there. That tapas bar must be delicious with its 3 month wait!

  3. Oh I hope you get there, and a wedding there would be marvelous ! Maybe if you book now you can get to sample the delights of the Tapas bar . We have made a vow to return to Barcelona again, it was so great.m