Monday, 30 January 2012

Guide to the Best Sock Monster material, Loppis calamity and the Pappa Bear chair

The Best kind of socks for my kind of creatures...... piling up here for this weeks work. I love the texture and feel of them. Now where shall I start... and who shall I start on?

ALAS.. Poor  fragile tea cups!
I took a trip to the local Loppis or flea market this Sunday and came across 4 beautiful Chinese tea cups. A friend told me she was looking for some, so I snapped them up as soon as I saw them. I took them to the desk to buy and looked for Mrs Loppis. Alas, Mrs Loppis  was sick and her husband was standing in for the day so she could rest...  
 It was bitterly cold in the stable block converted into a shop, so cold you could see your breath in front of your face, and our noses were red..  Mr Loppis gazed at the cups for a moment before grabbing some stout, brown paper and a bag to put the paper think cups and saucers into.  It was just a second later when we heard a gentle "tck" sound as one of the cups broke in two.. then silence. Poor Mr Loppis, all he could say was "one of them has broken".... and.. "do you want the rest?" . Big hands touched the surviving china as if it too was going to break, and the rest made it into the paper and bag.  So... now we have three cups and four saucers. oh well.     

And now my labour for the next couple of weeks, a Pappa Armchair, or at least it seems like a Swedish copy of the same classic. So far I have unleashed mountains of dusty foam and lots and lots of ginger coir stuffing as it gets stripped down. Keep you posted on the new chair as it emerges.    

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  1. So sad about the tea cup! At least you have 3 more. The design is so charming on them! I look forward to seeing the chair results.