Friday, 10 February 2012

Crazy Cats and getting the bug

I took a detour this week.. and despite my best efforts ended up making a dog sock that looked more like "Smokey" the cat...  a resident of Battersea Dogs Home (Cat Department). 

I am having great fun making these critters using wool of different textures and weight, so when you sew it together it twists and turns in all kinds of unexpected ways. This is really good for ears and tails.  Shrinked  cashmere sock with loose grey walking sock seems to be fun at the moment. I learnt a lot of these techniques from Sue Haven's book. You can also find her on you tube.  
Glad to say that Smokey has now found a home, despite being 10 years of age. I can't look at the cats at the Battersea pages without thinking of a stray cat who wondered into a public meeting on a housing estate in Stockwell back in 1997. Amid the hubub of the meeting a gentle and then not so gentle "MEOW" could be heard. I looked over the landing to the lobby below, and saw a beautiful black long haired cat who just eyeballed me ! I put her in my office overnight and bought food in for the next day before taking her to Battersea Dogs home. She turned out to be a previous resident who had been re-homed and her new owners had abandoned her. How sad is that. Her name was Lucinda and I was so pleased when a friend offered a home for her.  

Finally, just to say, the upholstery supplies have not yet arrived so the Pappa armchair is sitting in the hall lobby, looking at me, just waiting for its new clothes.... so to fill the time I have been grazing the web discovered great ways to transfer images onto wood, fabric or anything else that stops long enough. My Re-purposed life has proved to be a great jumping off point to loads of free tutorials about furniture/junk re-purposing. So inspired was I that I managed to collect 5 pallets from a factory for free, hoping to turn them into something a bit useful , and I am off to the BlaaHal in Copenhagen tomorrow, yiphee! Let's hope the old Volvo suspension is up to it.    

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