Sunday, 15 April 2012

April Flight - bird soft sculpture

Surrounded by lovely birds in these parts, I seem to have become addicted to sketching them, and making little models based on the little chaps that hop about the garden. Thank you Mr Crazyhound for taking this lovely photo. The real things - they wake us up at the moment as they chirp as soon as the sun is up. Once again this little bird was inspired by Abby Glassenberg's designs that give such a good base for your own designs. 

I am off from these parts for a few weeks, heading south, me and the dogs and our trusty (or is that rusty??) old car hoping to get inspiration from the markets, villages and country of France and England.  I am looking forward to getting my paints and pencils out and doing something different. At the moment I am rediscovering the work of someone who inspired me before - Philippe Charles-Jacquet . An artist inspired by boats and the sea, and magical landscapes - and he uses paints that you find in your local DIY store to achieve some wonderful effects.        


  1. So cool and funky, I'm glad I ran across your blog via flickr. Will be sure to check back.

  2. So creative! And Mr. Crazyhound got a great photo!


  3. Mr C just loves to snap, great news for me !