Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Upholstered Swedish "Papa" Chair

At Last !!!!!!
This fine Swedish version of the famous "Papa" chair (designed by Hans Wegner) came to me in February.  The chairs'owner was a patient person, having made the trip to a Danish flea market every Saturday for a year to find one of these examples and being a patient person was happy to wait to get the reupholstered version back. Her only stipulation was that all the original stuffing and cover should be removed owing to their very, very unpleasant smell. So, many months later, with our own home in store and with a few weeks break until we move into our new home, I had time and space to "do the chair".. Words cannot tell you how very very pleased I am with the result. 

These chairs are just lovely ! I would love to do more, but there aren't that many around.

Here is how we got here....
Side arm  

Inside back and bottom

Coming together, with side arms. 

Outside back

New foam and that wonderful thing.. the "flexi-curve" 
 There are loads or tutorials online to show you how to fit the metal back tack strip. I like the one by JA Milton in the UK who also happen to supply me with my upholstery materials.
Side arms needed to be slip stitched to finish

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