Wednesday, 23 January 2013

January Resolutions

I have read lots of good blogs this month, filled with people looking back at what they did and what they plan to do in the coming year. All very good, and I realise what a useful tool that kind of thing is. It helps you to keep track of things. I just wish I could sit still long enough to set my own thoughts down on blog/paper.
You can see I got the pen and paper ready, I just couldn't finish the task...

I do remember getting to grips with three Pappa chairs... packing up one house, putting all in store and moving to another, unpacking and getting straight. Putting the odd thing that I have made onto Etsy and making a donation of 25 pounds to the Dogs Trust from the sale proceeds. Plus, very exciting for me, getting another shop started, with my good friend Elaine. Why you may ask? To sell the many vintage items that gather around these parts and spreading them far and wide. 


So that was last year, and onto recent events this month... Some may have been ignoring the cold weather outside, but I have been inspired by it. I have created a new range of handmade Dog Coats using wonderful waxed cotton and lovely soft but strong Scotish wool made from the Hebridean  sheep belonging to the Black Isle Brewery in Scotland. I had such fun making them, and am working on a new range for the Brewery mascot, a rather fine Jack Russel called Tuska.  


If you want to make a coat for your pooch yourself, there is no end of inspiration around, just type in "dog coat pattern". One that stands out was from hund von welt as much for the ideas as the lovely photos on the blog. 

All photos thanks to Mr C again.... 

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