Monday, 4 February 2013

Valentine Hearts for Dogs

Felted Sweet-heart.. (photo by

Heart Felt Love
Love is in the air with these felted mutts. I have been working on making life size waxed cotton and tweed coats for Jack Russel dogs, and with the left overs I just had to give Spot above a makeover. It is so much fun to make these felt animals, especially if you are inspired by a real character. Laura Lee Burch gives great background information and instructions.   

Woof Woof Cookies...
The red heart cookie tin is just crying out to be filled with Canine Treats, of the healthy variety. We received a wonderful Dog Recipe Book Kit by Ingeborg Pils from Mr C's mother this year, and the hounds have been lining up in the kitchen waiting to taste "Toby's Tuna Triangles" and "Freda's Fine Birthday Tarts". All this has been a great success. My only complaint is that the cookie cutter that is bone shaped of course, is a little on the large size and we have had to use bird shaped cutters instead. 
On the web the following receipes also look good, although I haven't tried them out myself ... The man Cesar of course has the really healthy option, more mainstream with ideas if you want to set up your own dog bakery ( perhaps like the incredible Three Dog Bakery) is the and finally a really full list of possible canine delights is at Good luck and happy baking... 

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