Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New Designs for Spring

Dogs, dogs, dogs, Oh I am obsessed from time to time with ways to improve my doggy socks, to stand better, to be more "huggable". I blame the annual Crufts show for this madness. Rarely does one get the chance to see so many weird and wonderful dog breeds in one place. I do realize that this is about a million miles away from Dogs Trust that I regularly support, but I was smitten by this years winner.. a "Petite Basset Griffon" . I think that our Mutt Frank must have some of those genes in him ! 
So... moving swiftly onto my new designs:
 These are the proto-types for you  to peruse and any feedback is welcome. These guys have longer more expressive ears, hand painted eyes, and a more fixed /stable body shape... Not sure about the new body. 

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