Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dog Photography and Dog Patterns for a Late Spring

Dog Models and Photography

At a Brocante last month I cam across this great Pattern for a dog coat, I would guess from the 1960s or 1970s. 

Two things occurred to me, with some experience of trying to get a dog to pose for the camera, how did they manage to get the poses in those days. We find that it is so difficult to catch the moment even with digital cameras and editing, and a good supply of treats. If you want to leanr more,  Learn My Shot on You Tube and Antoine Khater's post here with 9 tips for success has helped me.  I must thank Mr Cs invaluable skills of course without whom I would be lost. Here are a few shots of a recent shoot...

Finally.. a good pose, but Frank looks a bit miserable...  
Frank courtesy of Narkibar at
Dog Coat Patterns

Also, the designs with the super chunky rib, still good after all these years. What about the names though? Maybe something got lost in translation....

With the late Spring meaning that our little furry friends could still do with  a warm coat to keep the East winds at bay I found some neat patterns and off the peg items that you may like to try... 

Short at sweet number from Mailo.   What a good pose, I wonder how they managed to capture the pose so well. 

Woolly Hats from PoshPooch Designs above

Or perhaps a 3d standup card of your favourite Pooch that sits still and looks beautiful,without the need for treats is more your line? This example is made by Just Like Pictures

Whatever your fancy, keep warm and keep crafting.  


  1. Thanks for including my Skelton dog hat pattern
    great Blog,

  2. Thanks for stopping by, I will have to get some knitting needles out to make your neat hats ready for next winter...

  3. Love the new format, looks great

  4. What great photos of you and Frank (I love him!). Your green jumper made those pictures really pop - was it a conscious decision?