Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Happy 1st May ! and hoping for Summer !

I turn the page on the Calendar and it says "May" and in all kinds of calendars that means Summer is just around the corner. Around these parts, May 1st is "VALBORG" and that means as far as I can see, collecting up all the old branches and trees that fall during the winter months, putting them in one big pile, and setting fire to them, while singing a happy song with your friends and neighbours. This is what we did last night, on the eve of Valborg... 

This was on the dunes about 100 meters from the sea, a small procession walked from the church to the beach with lit flares held by very small children.... it all went without a hitch.  Song sheets were given out and a little choir of locals sang out while most around chomped on hot dogs and drank Coke and gazed wistfully at the bonfire hoping for a good Summer! I forgot to mention that most were dressed in duvet type ski jackets, hats and gloves because it was so very cold. 

One of my favourite artists, Inge Look from Finland have just issued a May day card to celebrate the day, showing a May Day that I would like to be at. They've got frocks on rather than ski jackets for one thing. You can order her Calendars and cards even if you don't live in Scandinavia, just drop them a line.  

Mr Mole gets some new boots...
I finished Mr Mole a while ago, and something was missing, no feet or should I say paws. Well, this week I have finally put things right and given him a wonderful pair of wool boots and pipe cleaners inserted into his legs so that he can be a bit more mobile. 

I think he likes them... 

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