Friday, 31 May 2013

Heading for the Hills

I found this lovely woodcut at the local charity flea market. I like the stark quality of woodcuts, just showing the shapes necessary.  In this I know so well the simple bamboo chair that sits empty in the garden, the kind that you see in loads of vintage shops. I wonder who is going to join her? The artist?  The artist is local, so I am guessing that the scene must be local as in Swedish, but the house looks very French I think, and that's why I just had to have it.
Also, I have to admit that this is how I would like to see myself over the next few weeks, sitting in a sunny flower filled garden, needle in hand working on something, and I can just make out her mouth asking for a glass of Pimms to someone in the house. Well we can all dream can't we? We plan to be digging terraces so that a fiercely steep garden can at last be tamed, so perhaps less Pimms and more spade work.  

The lino-cut or wood cut put me in mind of the lovely lino-cut work by Mark Hearld that you can find at St Jude's print store. 

All of this is a round about way to mention that as Summer gets underway posting here may be a less frequent until July. In the meantime, Frank will enjoy forays around the garden, chasing anything that moves before taking a rest in the shade of the garden bush ..... 

And the Little Cocker is prepared with the addition of an Amber necklace that people here believe keeps those horrible tics at bay... Let's hope that it doesn't get lost in the bushes.

          Looking forward to enjoying this late and slow early summer.... 


  1. hello there, lovely to meet you and find your beautiful blogg, always happy to meet and support a fellow maker xxx

  2. Thank you for your visit, glad that you liked it. And yes it is good to support a fellow maker.