Thursday, 16 May 2013

The curious shape of the Dachshund and the Long Brown Dog Sock Animal

This Dachshund shape from the Postcard Boutique on Etsy caught my eye, when I was looking for inspiration to design and make another Dog Sock Animal last week. With their long bendy body, their earnest head thrust forward and the legs trying hard to catch up, trying hard not to make a fool of their owner.  
I had a supply of lovely brown boiled wool, and a pure wool / cashmere sock that were crying out to be turned into something long and  Dachshund like. 

I had a ball making this chap, that I have called Dashing Rupert. I used toe pieces lined with a wool jumper cut on the cross grain to make his ears, and the combination resulted in the ears getting a nice quirky bend. He has taken up residence on the back of the sofa and shows no sign of going anytime soon. The hand painted gathered eyes and needle sculpted face worked well I think. I would love to know what you think. 

The natural felting of the wool has added some real character I think. 

I had in mind, that he would be a good companion on your shoulder when you are reading a good book... Or maybe just to keep your seat warm...

I know that all the advice on photos ( see Etsy seller handbook for all the rules!) for handmade items is to avoid Dark backgounds, but I love the brown leather combination with my Wool animals. Also, it is handy that Mr C has a sausage dog shaped soft box for the shot isn't it !

Reading List - Stuffed Animals
The new book by Abigail Patner Glassenberg ( creater of "whileshenaps") -  "Stuffed Animals from Concept to Construction" arrived this week. I was looking forward to getting this, and to see if I could find more construction tips. I put it to one side, and kept it as a treat after I had finished office work yesterday and started last night in earnest. Today, I  have read most of it, and I am not disappointed. I really like the way that she weaves new skills and techniques within projects. I also discovered why making my new painted eyes was so difficult ! You have to make them 5 x the size of the finished eye. So thanks for that. It is packed with information and clear photos. 

Local Felted Wool Shop - Ylle & Sparris

I came across a lovely independent wool, quilt and felting shop in the village of Gessiekyrkby, near Malmo. It is called Ylle & Sparris   which translates to "Wool and Asparagus". In a renovated farm house there is plenty of space to look around, and they also run courses in wool felting. Friendly and helpful people in the shop too. There is also a farm shop selling their own produce, and you can get your firewood there too. What more could you ask for !   . 


  1. Catherine--I'm glad my doxie vintage postcard inspired your new long brown dog sock animal...very clever & cute! I collect dog postcards and occasionally will list one on Etsy if I have a duplicate. Dogs are my passion as illustrated by my primary business--pet silhouette stationery at Best regards, Ellen

  2. Thank you Ellen, I may well be visiting your shop soon. Thanks for the feedback.