Monday, 22 July 2013

Swedish Summer Craft Fairs and Papier Mache Dogs

Papier  Mache Dog 

Dog Obsessed as I am, imagine my delight when a friend turned her eye from painting landscapes to making Papier Mache animals and posted them on her facebook page. You can see more at her facebook page. This chap is a Cocker Spaniel, and he is looking for a home. I can see him ending up in our house    (no food needs, no vet bills, just a go over with the vacuum cleaner every now and then, sounds ideal!), I will keep him away from the real Cocker though. 

It set me looking for ways to make my own hounds, and there are loads of tutorials on the web, but I could see me ending up in a glue-ey messy heap, so better to leave to those that can I think. I did come across this lovely Irish Wolf Hound by Lorraine Corrigan at Hounds of Bath . A different style, but still pleasing. 

Swedish Summer Craft Fairs

There is a saying here... " Ah yes, Swedish Summer, the best day of the year". Usually that is true, but this year we have basked in the clear blue skies of Sweden for, oh at least three weeks ! And that means it has been great to get out to the Handmade Craft Fairs without wellies or waterproofs. Last weekend it was the 
Falsterbo Handmade Craft Fair  and being local we could cycle there - Brilliant! 

Here are a few of the gems I spied. 

Beautifully made and crafted folk art dolls and marionettes by Christina Meisolle Hoi who is from Denmark, but who lives in Skane now. 

Needle Felted animals, including, you guessed it, a dog....  by Annemarie Horve of Filterier who runs courses too.  

Heavenly bodies, in female form, and ceramic birds were found  at  Maria Thorlund and you can see more at her facebook page


Finally, the trend of the moment, Text based work by Mellow Design this one is called "Friends are like stars.. you don't always seem them, but you know that they are always there..." aah. 

So thank you makers who showed there, you made a great show ! 



  1. Yes, lovely aren't they. Going to take a peek at them next wek.

  2. The two dogs are fantastic each in their own way, especially the ragged one, it will be interesting to see if she makes more to sell in her etsy shop after she has set it up.