Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dogs on the Beach

Dog Days of Summer... 

I walk the dogs on the beach most days, come rain or shine, whatever. As summer arrives and it warms up in the sea, literally everyone and their dog is out in the sand.... 

The Yummy Mummies with their young, and perfectly behaved pedigree dogs surveying the chaos in front of their eyes... 

 The Keep Fit enthusiast, running, their eyes fixed in the middle distance, just like their big, lopping dogs, on a mission. Blissfully ignored by the Syd Svenskan" reader who is also unaware of the chaos just about to break out with their dog and the new arrival....   
 An not forgetting the Sun Adverse walker, kitted out in black cotton gear and adoring Westies. She keeps walking on collision course with the runner, but somehow they miss each other and sail by. 

My Two believe that it is truly Doggy Paradise.  

1 comment:

  1. Hej Catherine,
    Your sockdogs are lovely.
    I want to write an article on my blog about the dogs, with some pictures. Ofcourse I will put a link to your website.
    If you will allow me.

    Best regards Willy