Thursday, 3 October 2013

French Bric a Brac Finds

A Typical French Bric a Brac

Just back from warmer and sunnier France, where the melons were ripe... 

And the bread was tasty and fresh... we always buy too much.  

 I got to experience a very local "Bric a Brac" that we had missed last year. I am not sure exactly where "Bric a Brac" falls between "Vide Grenier" sales (mostly old cast offs- don't say rubbush! from someones garage or more likely barn) and the Brocante (mostly almost or wannabee antique and vintage stuff alongside childrens toys and clothes). 

I had heard friends speak of the event months before in excited tones: the village is full to the brim, stalls jostle alongside each other for space, so many interesting finds just waiting to be discovered. If I wanted a stall I would have to get up at 6.00am to stake my claim etc etc at which point I decided that this was probably not for me. 

The evening before I witnessed the village official with measuring wheel and spray tool marking out stall places precisely and strictly allocating who should go where. It was clearly no laughing matter. Friends took what they were given and went about setting up their stalls, hoping for success...  

And it was great, the sun shone, it was very warm, the streets filled with people and the PA system boomed out as the tombola draw was announced, and beer flowed from the impromptu bar set up on the square. Best of all, for me at least, the range of dogs who came to see and join in the fun..   

Best of all, were these finds.....

Fifteen silver spoons and an original linen dish cloth....  And a fine wicker chair that is just so comfortable, but I think that it needs a good cushion or maybe one of those Swedish sheep skins. 

Finally, before we left I picked the Mirabelles or wild plums from the garden, Mr C photographed them beautifully, and then went into the pot for jam. Oh happy days.  

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