Friday, 15 November 2013

Keepsake for a Friend and Playing Around with Old Photos

Keepsake for a Friend

A few weeks back now we all sat in a huddle and tried to think of the best sort of present for one of our number who was going to upsticks from Sweden and live in France for good. Agreeing that she probably has all she needed on the house ware department and was more focused on getting rid of stuff rather than accumilating we decided that a "Novelty Item" would do the trick. Chortles aside, we decided on the straighforward idea of a patchwork basket that displayed our lovely faces on, so our friend could never forget us (even if she wanted to) !!  

Vintage Clip Art and Photoshop

I had the task of finding a suitable vintage image to stick our heads on, and went to my usual haunt, the Graphic Fairy for an image.  This little number seemed to do the trick! 

Mr C gave some of his photoshop secrets away about the eraser tool and most importantly the "undo" button when it all goes pear shaped!(and the following tutorial  helped).  I used the Quick Select Tool to cut the head off.... and the same technique to stick my head on top....

Just eight more heads to go then ! Keep you posted with the final results. 

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