Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year Cheers and Dog Treats

Oops I missed the Christmas deadline for the blog, no excuse really except it is the time of year that we are all running around like made things.  I have enjoyed gazing at other crafting blogs like Ted and Bunny or Woolly Dog that have such timeless vintage greetings and so finally here is my New Year wish to you all with a fuzzy dog and Mr C's camera. 

Dog Treats for the Christmas Tree 

We decked the tree with the most treats ever, and Mr C insisted that we included treats for the dogs...         ( using dog friendly ingredients of course !) Mr C even piped their names on, so I knew there would be trouble..... 

Just look at the concentration, and honestly there was no coersion...  

 Really, need I say more. Thanks Frank.

And little Miss M wasn't to be outdone either. The only down side was that Frank couldn't get any sleep the first night after he discovered the treats, he just gaze at the tree but thankfully didn't pounce on. 

Have a good New Year Eve where ever you are and what ever you are doing. Looking forward to an interesting 2014 ahead.   

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