Friday, 24 January 2014

The Hounds of Falsterbo - a Great Discovery

Inspiration on the beach

It has been an interesting week, finally catching up with people after the break, and taking delivery of a couple of belated Birthday presents. And oh joy! What a lovely "booky" surprise from my friend Val and Lassa, and how apt. The book feels like a coffee table book, but can be enjoyed by young and old just by the way it is written with short witty poems.   

The Hounds of Falsterbo 

The work by local artist, Jules Nilsson was inspired by the curious antics of her dog and those of a friend who owns the local cafe Kust....

They are lucky enough to get their kicks on the local beach near me and these are some of the images... 
You can see more about the hounds here. I love the way she has captured the characters of her dogs, and the atmosphere around the beach huts and heather. If you  get a chance take a look. I am also pleased to find someone else who describes such fine canine characters as "the fluffy gentleman".

I think that I will be making some Crazyhound characters inspired by these fellows, and I am going to get to meet them in the fur next week.... so watch this space. Thanks Jules and thanks to those dogs.    

Happy weekend and keep warm out the wind. 


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