Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Taking Stock of Old Stock and what to do about it.

A time for contemplation.... 

Little Mole: I made this little chap a while ago, and while he has been featured in Etsy treasuries, and "liked", but no one likes him enough to place an order. I have added clothing, pipe cleaners to the inside and still there he sits, while newer designs have come and gone.. 

I can see him looking nervously, wondering if he is going to be recycled into something new. 
"Fear Not!" I tell him, and having re-read helpful tips from Abby Glassenberg  at While She Naps and with the help of Mr C who is a keen photographer we got the shot above that I am happy with. You can't beat having the right equipment and knowing where to put it, as the results show. 
I will check the stats in my Etsy shop and think about the advice given in the Seller Handbook to refresh my product line if the photos don't do the trick.  

Moving On

One step closer to moving on last week, I just picked up the keys to our old house and took one step closer to moving back home after 14 years away. Needless to say, I hardly recognised the place. While the move will involve a lot of upheaval it does present the opportunity for me finally to develop my business, and to engage with other makers for real. 

This change of focus has made me think more about the title of this blog and the content. Somehow "Crazyhoundstore" ( A name that I thought up on the spur of the moment when I first opened my Etsy store in 2009) doesn't seem to hit the spot. I spend a lot of time telling people what I make, and what I do, and feel embarrassed about the name. The last person who asked, who bought three of my dogs did ask if I had thought of changing the name of my shop. I checked it out on Etsy and found out that I can change the name once, and that finally set me thinking. 

So, between now and next week I will be working on a new name and possibly a new blog. I have read that putting your name at the centre of the business is vital and am playing around with: 
 "Hawkes and Hawkes" that includes my husbands creative photography input  "Hawkes Hounds" that keeps the focus narrow on what I make, but it may constrain me in the future. 
"Hawkes at Home" reflecting the journey I am on and enabling me to broaden out in the future and include homeware and vintage home design that I want to broaden out into.  

If anyone out there has experience of name changing and keeping people with you I would love to hear about your experience. 


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