Thursday, 27 March 2014

Vintage Postcard: His Master's Voice

Vintage Intermission

I am too young to actually remember "the Potter's Wheel" interlude on BBC TV in the 1950's, but I do remember people tell of it. It was quite common apparently when broadcasting systems were a bit fragile and things used to go down, or "crash" as we would say now. Well dear visitors, over the next few weeks you will be treated to some vintage postcards that I unearthed while packing up the house. This is my Potter's Wheel for you. A new one every week, until normal service. Thank you to Great Great Aunt Ada for saving these little gems, where would I be without you ( and some might ask "why oh why have you hauled your box of postcards around Europe with you?".... and the answer is... "for times like this!")     

Vintage Christmas Postcard December 1903

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