Latest Hawkes Hounds Designs...2017


Ronnie and Rolf

Doris the Pug

Lambswool Labrador  January 2016

Graham - William  December 2015  

Gunilla the Greyhound:  November 2015

Bernard the Bull Terrier October 2015
Spaniel Lab 

Woolly Terrier

Hawkes Hounds Kennel 2014

Chenille Spaniel profile

Last Mole Standing

Out for a ride

Ginger Cat on his way to The Netherlands...

Rupert on his way to Australia... 

Harvey... on his way to Finland

Dashing Rupert

Grumpy Terrier

I am having so much fun with these new designs, painting the new eyes and stitching the little white in the eyes. 

Sock Dog Plush.... 


 Felted animals...

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