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19th November 2015

It doesn't matter how much time you have, there is never enough to fit everything in. In a fit of perhaps optimistic activity earlier this year I enroled on a printmaking course at Morley College one evening a week and a refresher French class on another. Eight weeks in the cracks are appearing in my resolve to keep going. After all it is so warm and cosy indoors, and safely in the comfort zone. Which is why, this Thursday evening when I should be making tracks to utter "Bonjour" and "Ca Va?" to all an sundry, I have found the lure of writing this weekly blog and shuffling the design around a simply "must do thing". In truth, I have neglected this corner of Hawkes Hounds for too long, and it needed doing.  

Let there be light ! (and lampshades) 
I am having a great time reading Natalia Price-Cabera's tome on how to make handmade lampshades. I have been steadily collecting a large number of motley old shades without a real clue of how to get a professional finish - but now, with aching fingers but proud, I can say that I am on the way to mastering it. Lots of ideas and inspiration here. 
Ta Da ! And here is the finished item.  

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